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PPA: ”A mediocre and disrespectful promoter”


Now the Men's Players Association (PPA), led by Alejandro Galan, gives its view on the conflict between Lisandro Borges, the WPT tournament director of the La Rioja Open, and the players. 

There have been many turns in the last 24 hours about the players who will not be playing in the World Padel Tour's La Rioja Open in Argentina.

A total of eight teams on the men's side have withdrawn from the tournament, and Lisandro Borges, the WPT's tournament director in Argentina, has accused the players of faking injuries. 

Now the men's players' association is responding with a joint communiqué. 

”The players who have not been able to attend the tournament organized by WPT in La Rioja have formally justified to the organization the reasons for their drop out, meaning the accusations are unfounded and from the PPAwe demand an immediate rectification.”

It continues: 

”Let´s remember that it is WPT who has to observe the players' injuries and not Mr. Borges, who is solely a mediocre and disrespectful prompter,” states the letter. 

Here is the whole letter (in Spanish and English). 

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