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Trouble for A1 in Seville — refunding money to spectators


The weather conditions in Seville forced the organization to move the tournament venue to an indoor court at the Siting Padel Club.

It's been an eventful start to the season for the A1 Padel circuit.

After dealing with the wind in the Master of South Africa, which forced to reschedule most of the matches, now the rain seems to give no respite to the Master of Seville.

On Wednesday, the three morning matches could not be played on the center court of Las Setas de la Encarnación and had to be moved to an indoor club.

This change of venue led the organization to refund the entrance fee to the fans, who could not enjoy the matches (they were played behind closed doors). In addition, the games played at the Siting Padel Club will not be streamed.

The circuit has announced that the afternoon matches will be played on the center court, weather permitting.

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