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The pair split at the beginning of the season: "Internal problems within the couple"


The pair formed by Federico Mourino and Víctor Mena have announced their break-up at the start of the regular season.

The season has already seen its first couple break up; after falling in the second round of qualifying for the WPT Open of Chile and Argentina, The Spanish-Argentine pair Mouriño-Mena have announced their separation.

The Spanish Victor Mena, who made the news official on his social networks: 

"The Premier Padel Qatar will be our last tournament as a couple. Thanks Fede for all this time together, and thanks to all the people around me for the trust. We're going to have a year full of joy, " he said.

“Internal problems”

The news is striking, just days after the start of the season. Padel Alto talked to the Spanish player, who confirmed that the reason for the separation was internal conflicts within the team.

-There have been internal problems within the couple, although everything has ended pretty much okay between us, said Mena to Alto.

A few hours after the separation, the couple have already received new partnership offers.

-There are new offers, yes, but I can't yet announce my new partner, because it is not 100% confirmed.

The couple will have their last tournament together at the Premier Padel Major of Qatar, which will take place from February 26th to March 5th.

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