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Cape Town Master: This is how the first tournament of the season will be played


South Africa hosts the first tournament of the year; the A1 Padel circuit season kicks off with the Cape Town Master 2023.

The waiting is over. After the success of the first edition of the Cape Town Master last season, the A1 Padel circuit returns to the African continent. 

This Tuesday, starting at 9:00hs (Local), the main draw action begins in the first tournament of the season. The Camps Bay Sports Club will be dressed to the nines for the second edition of the Masters, which will offer 110,000 usd in prize money.

"Last year, there were around 3500 players registered on the match app that is used here in South Africa. This year it has just surpassed 40,000. There are also over 10 times the number of clubs across the country compared to last year, so padel has taken South Africa by storm and has become a very popular sport for everyone to enjoy," said Philippe Kjellgren, tournament director.


This will be the order of play for Tuesday's matches:

9:00 - Pascoal-Perry vs Ortiz-Araújo
P.O.2 - Castañeyra-Abud vs Maier-Rivero
P.O.3 - Pineda-González vs Caiano-Ramos
P.O.4 - Hillarides-Blakey Milner vs Deus-Deus
P.O.5 - González-Cheda vs Aguirre-Allemandi
P.O.6 - Yob-Puppo vs Barrera-Del Moral
P.O.7 - González-Luque vs Chozas Oliveira
P.O.8 - Zuazua-Martínez vs Melgratti-Chiostri

All matches will be streamed on A1 Padel's official YouTube channel and on Star+ for Latin America and the Caribbean.



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