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The APA breaks its commercial relationship with Varlion: "Repeated breaches"


The Argentinian Padel Association (APA) has officially announced its commercial disassociation with the racquet and clothing brand Varlion.

In an official announcement, the APA has decided to terminate the sponsorship agreement with Varlion.

According to the association, the company has defaulted on several payment obligations.

Among the debts listed is the contract as the main sponsor of the Premier Padel of Mendoza, as well as debts for the tournament "APA Future Varlion", a tournament that had to be suspended due to non-compliance.

In the communiqué, the APA states that it has tried to reach an agreement with Varlion on several occasions without obtaining satisfactory answers and ended the commercial relationship.

Padel Alto is looking for a comment from Varlion.


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