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Juan Lebron: “The new couples will surely be very good”


In an interview with La Chiquita Padel, Juan Lebron made an evaluation of his preparation for the start of the season and his goals for a 2023 that will be extremely demanding for the world number one.

After four consecutive years as world number one, Juan Lebron stands as one of the most important players in the history of padel. Together with his partner Alejandro Galan, they closed an incredible 2022 season, winning 14 titles and rounding it off with a perfect finale at the WPT Master Final in Barcelona.

In an interview with La Chiquita Padel, the Spaniard talked about his return to work after a well-deserved holiday.

We've recharged our batteries, but I've done enough to keep up and not relax as much as in other years. We've started strong and I've felt very good both physically and in terms of my game, but there's still a long way to go to get ready for the first tournament.

"An exceptional trainer"

Lebron and Galan train at the M3 academy in Madrid - run by Jorge Martinez - under the orders of Mariano Amat, whom Juan considers one of the architects of his success on the court.

At the academy, they are doing an exceptional job with Ale and with me. He has been with us for four years now, and everyone knows that he is an exceptional person and trainer. He knows a lot. I have to thank him a lot for the years he has been by my side and for everything he has teached me.

"We will be prepared"

After a 2022 full of tournaments, this season will surely be equally or even more demanding. New pairings such as Tapia/Coello or Di Nenno/Stupaczuk have joined forces to dethrone the number ones, who so far have shown a superior level.

Every year the level is higher and all the couples are improving, which is what makes padel evolve and I think it will be a very competitive year. We are focusing on us. The new couples will surely be very good, but we will be prepared.

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