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BREAKING by Alto: WPT opens up — uncontracted players can sign up for competitions


The World Padel Tour is now opening up for uncontracted players to register for the circuit´s competitions during 2023. Credible sources confirm this information to Padel Alto.

The recent past has been very unclear for those players who are not under contract with the World Padel Tour for the upcoming season. 

Now Padel Alto can reveal that a solution has occurred after talks between WPT and PPA.

According to reliable sources to Padel Alto, the World Padel Tour has informed the PPA (men´s player´s association), with Alejandro Galan as a president, that even those who do not have contracts beyond 2023 will be allowed to sign up for all the WPT´s competitions during the season.

Thus, it will look exactly like last year in the registration process. 

Kick-off in Abu Dhabi 

When the WPT went out with a proposal to the players, the players affiliated with the PPA refused to sign on. The PPA has previously demanded that those not under contract with the World Padel Tour should also be allowed to participate in this year's competitions. 

The WPT refused and insisted that only those who signed the contract would have the opportunity to play on this year's tour. 

Many top players have contracts with the World Padel Tour beyond 2023, but many are also uncontracted. The first competition is held in Abu Dhabi 8th and 26th of February.

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