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Bela and Sanyo: “Until they show that they can beat us on the court, we will keep fighting”


In an interview with Ole and Marca, Bela and Sanyo talked about their expectations for this season after announcing that they would reunite as a couple in the 2023 season.

Fernando Belasteguin and Sanyo Gutierrez are two of the greatest legends in the history of padel. At 43 and 38 years old, the Argentinean stars have decided to join forces again in a 2.0 version of the pairing that ended in 2021. 

In their first stage as a couple, Sanyo and Bela had a very promising start. But injuries weighed down the pairing, who were never able to recover their level. 

"Until I got injured, we had been playing very well. But I got hurt, and we both made a huge physical and mental effort to get back as soon as possible. Since we won in Valencia, the effort took its toll on us and we ended up playing quite badly," says Bela to Ole and Marca.

The pair broke off their project prematurely in September 2021, not playing in the best way. 

"I already told him (Bela), I would have liked to continue because I really trust this couple, and in fact that's why we're here today. We see the padel very similar, although on an emotional level something was broken," says Sanyo.

The two players had a brilliant 2022 alongside very young partners. Both Sanyo and Bela achieved great results, consolidating themselves as couples 2 and 3 of the ranking.

As fate would have it, Tapia and Coello, who were his partners in 2022, joined forces in a new sporting project. 

Bela: In Madrid, at the World Padel Tour tournament, Arturo (Coello) told me he had already decided to change, and that he was going to call Agustin (Tapia).

Sanyo: Agus (Tapia) told me he had made the decision, and I supported him. He has to follow his path after playing with very experienced men and maybe it was his time to captain a team.

The 2.0 version of the couple as best option

After the separation of their former partners, it was Sanyo who took the step to resume the Bela/Sanyo project. This call was very well received by Bela, who automatically understood Sanyo as the best option. 

"When we decided to play together again, I was very happy, really. In Dubai we had a short chat, over mates, and I think that in the new stage we are going to say more things to each other," says the Boss.

"I want to win tournaments"

Although many don't consider the pair to be among the favourites to win titles, the two legends of world padel joined forces with the firm intention of staying relevant.

Sanyo: Some people criticise us or take us out of the fight because we're supposedly old, but I've been saying it for many years: at number 2 is Sanyo, at number 3 is Bela, at number 4 is Lima... Until they show that they can beat us on the court, we will keep fighting.

Bela: Our goal is to be motivated and healthy, but I play with Sanyo because I want to win tournaments.

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