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After his split from Britos — he will be Pablo Barrera's new partner


A1 Padel circuit Argentinian players Pablo Barrera and Matias Del Moral have announced their partnership in 2023.

After his split with Andres Britos, with whom he finished last season as number 3 in the APT ranking, Pablo Barrera will team up with 24-year-old Matias Del Moral. 

“I will start these A1 Padel challenges with this great player and professional, with the goal of competing for all. We are really looking forward to start this season and represent our province, but this time together,” announced Del Moral.

Barrera, who has been struggling with injuries in 2022, will bring his quality to match the youth and power of Del Moral, in a duo that is set to be one of the season's entertainers on the A1 circuit.

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