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Varlion releases new ”Yanguas Collection”


Varlion has released its new collection for 2023. 25 new models divided into seven different ranges have been announced. 

The brand that sponsors Mike Yanguas, among others, has now released 25 new racket models for sale. This is announced in a press release on their website. 

”Our DNA is to continue innovating year after year and that is why we affirm that “launching a new collection is not only changing the paint and decoration”, but we boast of having given our machines a twist, including great innovations”. 

Varlion also announces that a collection will be named "Mike Yanguas Collection" after the star. 

”It is a line of products that we have dedicated with great care to the player Mike Yanguas, a firm commitment to our young franchise after six years with the Varlion Pro Team,” they write. 

The player from Malaga plays with Varlion Bourne Airflow. 


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