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Osoro on the unexpected partnership with Sainz: ”We both had other projects”


When Aranza Osoro and Victoria Iglesias broke up after the season, Osoro planned to play with another player. But when the opportunity with Sainz came up, she couldn't turn it down, she tells to Padel Alto. 
— It was an opportunity I had to take, she says. 

The Argentinean player Aranza Osoro stands out for her quality on the court. "La Vikinga" can surprise everyone with her talent and unique style on the court with a lot of passion. 

That talent led her to reach, together with her ex-partner Victoria Iglesias, the number 5 in the world ranking. But after an irregular season, the couple decided to separate after two years of sharing the court.

In a chat with Padel Alto, Aranza Osoro makes a negative summary of last season, although some good results "covered up" the couple's performance.

— With Victoria, we had a complicated year in 2022. We had a season with few high points and many low points. Maybe it wasn't so noticeable because the highs covered the lows, she says to Padel Alto. 

This irregularity, added to the injuries that affected the couple, led Osoro and Iglesias to decide to go their separate ways.

— It was a decision we made together after several "exchanges" of ideas. We talked about it as adults and decided to separate, so we did not end badly.

The union with Lucia

After the separation, many names were bandied about to accompany Osoro. But finally, to the surprise of many, she announced the experienced Lucia Sainz as her new partner.

We both had other projects lined up for this season, but a change we didn't expect came up, and that's when the opportunity to play together was born. 

The chance to play alongside a legend like Lucia Sainz seduced the talented 26-year-old.

When Lucia called me to fight alongside her, I was surprised because she is a great player and very versatile. It was an opportunity I had to take.

Sainz and Osoro will start the season as the number five ranked pairing, and although they say they don't know which will play on the backhand side, many think that Aranza Osoro will end up playing on the left. 

A position she plays in the national team in Argentina. 

— We are both trying to play on the left, but we haven't decided yet. 

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