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A1 star leaves his partner: ”I tried everything, but not enough”

A1 Padel star Maxi Sanchez Blasco leaves his partner Alex Chozas. Chozas announces it on his social media. 

”Maxi and I will not continue together in 2023. It was his personal decision not to continue with this project. I'll keep all the good things we experienced during this time and the moments of our tour in Mexico”. 

Alex Chozas continues: 

”For my part, I tried everything in my power to achieve the best version of myself and yours, but I can see that it was not enough. I wish you all the best. May you continue to be a good player, and I hope you can achieve your goals.” 

The two Argentinians joined forces in September last season. 10-ranked A1 (former APT) player Chozas and 15-ranked Maxi Sanchez Blasco ended their partnership with a quarter-final in the Master final. 

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