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A1 Padel — The number three ranked couple splits up

The Argentinians Pablo Barrera and Andres Britos, number 3 couple of the A1 Padel circuit, have decided to separate their ways for 2023.

The first changes of partners to face the upcoming season in the A1 Padel circuit (Ex APT Padel Tour) have arrived.

The number three ranked couple, Pablo Barrera and Andres Britos, have announced their separation after a season with many highs and lows. 

“We started with a lot of enthusiasm, fighting and getting excellent results. These results were difficult to maintain for the rest of the season due to injuries suffered by both of us... but even so, I'm happy that we were able to finish the year together and recover our good form,” said Britos.

The Argentines started 2022 with a bang, winning a final and two titles in the first three tournaments played, quickly becoming the revelation couple. But in the middle of the year, injuries weighed the pair down, leading them to miss several tournaments.

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