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The new star pair after the first week of training: ”We will be pretty dangerous”

Spain's Arturo Coello and Argentina's Agustin Tapia are the two biggest promises in the world. In 2023, they will be on the pitch together. After their first week of training together, both tell Padel Alto in an exclusive interview about their thoughts ahead of the season. 
— I'm sure we'll find our game, and then we'll be pretty dangerous, says Arturo Coello. 

Padel Alto sat down with the two stars in Barcelona after their first training week in their joint project with Tapia´s trainer, Pablo Crosetti, and the new trainer of Coello, Gustavo Pratto 

— We have a lot of respect for each other, and we used to greet each other at tournaments, but in the end, I don't think we had the opportunity to get to know each other well. This week we have been focusing on getting to know each other, not only on the court but also outside of it, which I think is also very important throughout the season. We have been focusing on adjusting how we play so we have more or less a clear idea of how we play and the style of play that the Tapia/Coello couple has, says Arturo Coello. 

P.A: Have you understood each other on the court as you expected?

— I expected very good things, but it was even better. We are missing thousands of things, but what we have been training has been very positive, Tapia says. 

Both players are characterized by a powerful playing style and an excellent quality outside the court, recovering impossible points from outside the 20x10. These "similar" characteristics will require the team to work hard on coordination and understanding on the court.

P.A: The doubt that everyone has... How are you distributing the balls in the middle of the court?

We both jump and collide, haha, Coello answers. 

Tapia fills in: 

— I lose the collisions, so I leave them to Arturo.

Arturo Coello answers again:

— Everyone thinks about that, but we have a great team in Pablo (Crosetti) and Gustavo (Pratto) together with Manu (Martin). On that side, there won't be a problem. I think that aerial play is a very good weapon that we both have, and if we know how to use it, it will be an essential tool to win many games.

"I was looking forward to playing with Agus.”

The younger Arturo Coello called Agustin Tapia, although he wasn't sure what the Argentinian's response would be.

— I took a bit of a gamble. In the beginning, when I decided, I thought that Agus would say no, but I told myself: "The world is for the brave people. You have to ask”. I wasn't sure if it would be now or in the future, but I kept calling Agustín until he said yes, because I wanted to play with him.

Arturo Coello continues: 

— Having the opportunity to share the court with Agustin after playing with Bela is incredible. For me, he's a unique talent that can continue to grow because he has no ceiling. It's lucky, and it's also a challenge for me to keep growing as an athlete and also learning.

P.A: Tapia, what was your reaction when you received Arturo's call?

— I was very excited. I had been thinking about it for a few tournaments, too. You always think and imagine things. I think it was just the right moment. I received several calls, but I was almost determined to try something new and have a partner my age. Arturo seemed like the best option, without a doubt.

"Long-term project."

The pair will start high in this year's ranking (pair 2 or 3 in the ranking, depending on the draw), and although the expectations to see Agustin Tapia and Arturo Coello in action are high, the youngsters know that, beyond talent, a new union requires a lot of work to get the expected results.

— We know we have to work hard. We have to be patient and strong in our minds, and if things don't work out at the beginning, we know that with hard work, at some point, it will work out. It could be the first game or next year, but we are going to try to make this a long-term project, Tapia says. 

Arturo Coello: 

— We are a couple that can go through two phases: exploding very quickly or taking a long time to explode, which will be determined by time. I'm sure we will find our game, I don't know if sooner or later, and at that point, we will be pretty dangerous. Our priority now is to get to know each other and create our game.

Tapia and Coello come from sharing the court in 2022 with Fernando Belasteguín and Sanyo Gutiérrez, two padel legends with whom they achieved great results last season.

P.A: What did both Bela and Sanyo say to you when they told you the news that you would play together?

— I had already told Bela that if the option of playing with Agus came up, I would probably take it. Having to change (partners) is perhaps not what he likes the most, but in the end, he was happy, took it very well, and understood it. I have a great relationship with Fer; he will always look at our partner affectionately, Coello says. 

Agustin Tapia: 

— The moment I told Sanyo, he took it very positively. He's known Arturo since he was very young and trained with him. He wished me the best as long as I didn't play against him. I'm calm because I gave everything to him as a partner, and I'm happy that we have an excellent relationship.

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