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APT Padel Tour changes name: A1 Padel arrives

From this Monday, the former APT circuit will be called A1 Padel, aiming for a complete change of image to establish itself in new markets.

As Fabrice Pastor had already anticipated days ago, 2023 brings many changes for the (former) APT Padel Tour. The circuit has undergone a complete renovation, starting with its name: from now on it will be called A1 Padel.

This total re-branding points to a strong marketing strategy to establish itself in new markets, with the help of A1 Padel's new partner (and owner of the NY Yankees), Ike S. Franco. The circuit will hold three tournaments in the USA this season, seeking to be pioneers in the cradle of the world spectacle.

The businessman, a key player in the circuit's breakthrough on US soil, said: "As we initiate a grassroots program with A1 Padel, the engagement with US fans will continue to grow and allow the sport to position itself as a lifestyle platform in the United States. We are confident that athletes and sports fans across the US will enjoy padel's competitive nature and excitement."

In addition to the name change, the circuit has signed a new contract with the players, who will see improved economic conditions this season, with a 20% increase in prize money and bonus pool for the first 12 players in the ranking.

Fabrice Pastor, the circuit owner, said: "The previous brand, APT Padel Tour, will always be part of our history, but a new and progressive brand will better align with the objectives of the circuit. With a young and evolving fan base, A1 Padel meets the needs and engagement of this global audience".


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