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He will be the new coach of Yanguas and Arroyo


The new team formed by Alex Arroyo and Mike Yanguas will have the assistance of the former top player and current coach Fernando Poggi, who will guide them from the bench.

Yanguas and Arroyo, two of the most promising young players in world padel, decided to join paths in 2023, to face a season that will surely have them as protagonists. 

According to what Yanguas confirmed to VeinteDiez, the couple will train at M3 - one of the best padel academies in the world - incorporating former professional player and coach Fernando Poggi to their team.

"We will train in M3 and Fernando Poggi will travel with us, taking turns with Jorge Martinez. Fer has a lot of experience and will help us a lot," said Yanguas.

Poggi, who was world champion in 2012 alongside Cristian Gutierrez, is well known for sharing his padel knowledge on social networks. Now, the Argentinean coach will accompany from the bench one of the most explosive couples of the professional circuit.

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