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Paula Josemaria says goodbye to her coach: "I will always be by your side"

The number two player in the WPT ranking, Paula Josemaria, surprisingly says goodbye to her coach Gustavo Pratto. 

Just as her partner Ari Sanchez did with Miguel Sciorilli days ago, Paula Josemaría now bids farewell to her coach.

Paula Josemaria and Gustavo Pratto have been together for many years. The Argentinean coach accompanied and trained the player until she reached the top of the ranking.

But after the Barcelona Master, where Josemaria and Ariana Sanchez lost the number one ranking to Salazar and Triay, the player has decided to change of scenery. 

The Spaniard has said goodbye to Pratto, announcing it this way in her social networks:

"For all the hours of work, for all the moments we have shared, for all the emotions we have experienced, for everything we have learnt together... thank you, Gus. This is just a goodbye, but we are united by all the affection and admiration we have for each other".

The coach also dedicated some heartfelt words to Josemaria: 

"I will always be by your side. I will always push your lob to be long. I will always be happy for you. I may not be the best, but I know I mark, for better or worse, the lives of the people I work with and love. We love you here and we will always be together".

Paula has not yet announced who her new coach will be, although the pair have already started pre-season training with Angel Gonzalez, Ariana Sanchez's new trainer.

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