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The young star will be coached by the legend: "I hope to learn a lot from him"


Padel legend Juani Mieres will make his coaching debut, leading young Ivan Ramirez from the bench.

After announcing his union with the very young Pablo Cardona for the 2023 season, new changes are coming for the Spanish Ivan Ramirez.

The talented player will be coached by one of the legends of world padel: Juani Mieres

"I'm proud to be coached by a former number one, I hope to learn a lot from him. PS: Let's see if the good stuff rubs off on me," said Ivanxo after the announcement.

Mieres has been one of the most influential players in the world of padel, forming with Pablo Lima (2008-2012) one of the most memorable couples in history.

Now, the 42-year-old Argentinian will make his coaching debut and guide the young pair from the bench: 

"I'm starting a new stage as a coach and what better than with Ivanxo, who I've known since he was a little boy. A player who wants to keep learning, improving and succeeding in padel. A nice challenge that we face with illusion!", said the player from Bahia Blanca.

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