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Portuguese star Joao Felix enters padel business

The Portuguese football player Joao Felix has ventured into the world of padel after installing three courts in his sports complex in Viseu, in collaboration with All For Padel.

Atletico Madrid top player Joao Felix joins the many stars of world sport who are setting their sights on the padel business.

The Portuguese, ambassador of Adidas worldwide, partnered with All For Padel to install in its sports complex JF79 Sportcenter three courts of last generation. The modern AFP courts are designed with fewer pillars, allowing a much cleaner view from the outside.

The complex, located in the player's hometown, also has state-of-the-art facilities, with football and teqball (a mixture of football and table tennis) courts.

Padel continues to grow in Portugal and the world, with many actors interested in investing in this booming business.



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