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BREAKING: Here is Daniel Windahl's new brand — ”A dream for me”


Daniel Windahl has made his choice. Padel Alto can now reveal that the Swedish star will continue with Head as his sponsor for the coming seasons. 
— To play with the best material is a dream for me, says Daniel Windahl to Padel Alto.

Head and Daniel Windahl have agreed on a multi-year cooperation. Both parties confirm this to Padel Alto.

The agreement is reportedly one of the largest in Swedish padel history, and Daniel Windahl will be seen with Head's racket, clothing, and other equipment.

— Since I started playing tennis, and after that padel, I have always heard a good reputation about Head. It has always tickled me. I am a racket and material geek. To be able to play with the best material on the market is a dream for me, says Daniel Windahl to Padel Alto.

Several offers 

The Swedish star announced earlier this year that he is leaving Stiga after a three-year partnership. After the great season that Daniel Windahl stood for in 2022, the badge has been sought after, and he had several offers to choose from.

Ultimately, the choice fell on Head for the 64-ranked WPT Swede.

— You always have a gut feeling, and I've had that in me for quite some time. That's what I followed.

He elaborates:

— In addition to the material, working with the people behind the brand feels very exciting. Both in Sweden, but also in Spain.

Base in Malaga 

Head sponsors international stars such as Arturo Coello on the men's side and Ari Sanchez and Paula Josemaria on the women's side. Head is also linked to the great coach Claudio Gilardoni, who currently coaches Sanyo Gutierrez.

In the spring, Daniel Windahl will combine his time between the Swedish base and a base in Malaga, where his partner José Solano is based.

— There will be teammates to play and travel with to competitions. Coello is one of them I already know well.

In other words, will there be a lot of training with Coello in Spain?

— It's possible. It's going to be a lot of fun, says Daniel Windahl.

Head Scandinavia: "A big name.”

Thin Boman, Marketing Manager at Head Scandinavia, comments on the acquisition as follows:

—  It feels great. It was an exciting process during the autumn. For us in Sweden and Scandinavia, this cooperation feels like an essential thing,

He continues:

— It will be our first big signing in padel. Very exciting. And then, we hope for many different positive effects for the brand and sales. But above all, working with such a big name is excellent.

We'll have to wait a bit for those who want to play with a Daniel Windahl Head racket. But Boman admits that a specially designed Daniel Windahl racket may be possible.

— We have some different projects in the works with a racket. Then we'll see how it turns out. Unfortunately, I can't say more right now, he tells Padel Alto.

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