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Lijo breaks with his partner after the WPT chaos: ”Affected by all the trash”


The Spanish player Pablo Lijo made official through his social networks his separation from Javier Ruiz, who had already announced his new partner.

Pablo Lijo has had a complicated last few days. The Galician player suffered a controversial disciplinary sanction from the WPT. After making obscene gestures to fans at the Buenos Aires Masters, the circuit has decided to suspend the player for twelve tournaments, including Masters and Opens.

A few days ago, his former partner Javier Ruiz, announced Gonzalo Rubio as his new partner for 2023, but without first announcing the separation from Lijo.

Pablo Lijo has made the break-up official, thanking Ruiz for accompanying him through a tough year. 

"2022 was not a good year at all. We played very well in many matches, but the results didn't come. Also, for my part, I was affected too much by all the trash that is on the table of professional padel".

And he continued:

"In 2023, we need to clear our heads of many things, so Javier and I have decided to separate and start new projects. Thank you, Javito for giving your all in this tough season."

An uncertain future

Lijo's future in 2023 is uncertain, with no sanction confirmation and no partner. The player could choose to play another circuit leaving WPT aside, but under these conditions, it is unclear who will be willing to accompany him.

When Padel Alto asked the player about his new partner, Lijo said:

— I have a new partner, but we must see how the situation works out. I still don't know which (circuit) I will play.


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