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After broken deal with Leal: players change their minds and pair up again


Pincho Fernandez and José Diestro left each other less than a month ago. Now they're back and pairing up with each other again in 2023. 
According to information provided by Padel Alto, the reason is a broken deal with Javi Leal. 

It must be some record in time apart. On 8 December 2022, Pincho Fernandez and José Diestro announced they were going their separate ways. The couple had been together since September 2019, making them one of the longest-running couples in the elite. 

Now, barely a month after the announcement, the couple has changed their thoughts and is taking to their social media to announce that they will play together again in 2023. 

”No, it wasn't a prank. Here we are. Here we are again”, writes the player in the announcement on Instagram. 

According to information provided by Padel Alto, José Diestro and Javi Leal had decided to play next season together. But Javi Leal chose to make a deal with Jon Sanz instead. 

Both Diestro and Fernandez are ranked 31 in the World Padel Tour rankings. 

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