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Tamara Icardo pairs up with experienced top player


Valencia player Tamara Icardo is pairing up with veteran forehand player Virginia Riera, reveals Twitter account VeinteDiez. 

Tamara Icardo hit the big time in the 2021 season with Delfi Brea and won the European gold medal for Spain that season. Last year, she suffered two different injuries and missed many tournaments on the World Padel Tour, which caused Icardo and Brea to break up.

Now, Icardo has finalized the deal with her new partner. According to the Twitter account VeinteDiez, Argentine Virginia Riera will play forehand with Icardo in 2023. 

The pair will form a formidable pair if both stay injury-free next season.

Virginia Riera and Patty Llaguno had a better season this year and were in the Master Final. They left each other after two years together. 

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