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OFFICIAL: They separate after two years together


Patty Llaguno and Virginia Riera break up with each other. The partnership lasted two seasons, and the Master Final in Barcelona was the pair's last tournament. 

Although Patty Llaguno and Virginia Riera feel like they've been playing together for a long time and are synonymous with each other, the pair have "only" played for two seasons together. Now the couple is breaking up with each other.

The Master Final in Barcelona, where the team made it to a semi-final, was the couple's last tournament. 

”Sharing these two years at your side has been a unique and wonderful experience. I have enjoyed every day of work together, and I am very proud of everything we have achieved”, writes Patty Llaguno on her social channels. 

The world's 8th-best player, Patty Llaguno, and 7th-ranked Virginia Riera have had an okay season, but they have not improved on their performance from 2021, when the pair took one title and were in three finals. This year, Gemma Triay/Alejandra Salazar and Paula Josemaria/Ari Sanchez have been too good, and Llaguno/Riera's highlight was a final place in the Brussels Open.

The pair now move on, and it is unclear who they will join. On the market is Delfi Brea, who does not have a partner for 2023, as Marta Marrero has quit after this season. 

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