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Sanyo's emotional goodbye: ”Going to miss you in every way”


Sanyo Gutierrez and Agustin Tapia played their last tournament together in WPT Master Final in Barcelona. In an emotional message, Gutierrez says goodbye to his friend. 

”First of all, I'm going to miss you, and I'm not talking about padel. I'm going to miss you as a travel partner, of talks, of laughs, of mates”, Sanyo Gutierrez writes on his Instagram. 

He continues: 

”I'm going to miss you in every way.” 

It was a few months ago that Agustin Tapia's decision came to leave Sanyo Gutierrez after the end of the season. Next year he will pair up with Arturo Coello. Together they form a feared pair, and some believe they could challenge the top flight as early as next season. 

Together they won five World Padel Tour competitions during the season and went to one final in Premier Padel.

”As part of your sporting life, I hope you will remember this old "sometimes cantankerous" guy that I always tried to help you”, writes Sanyo. 

Sanyo Gutierrez goes back to playing with Fernando Belasteguin. They last played together in the first half of the 2021 season. 

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