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BREAKING: He is Maxi Sanchez's first choice to pair up with


Maxi Sanchez decided to leave Lucho Capra for the second time in a year. According to information provided to Padel Alto, the Argentine's choice of partner is now between two players, where Lucas Campagnolo is the first choice. 

Former world number one Maxi Sanchez and his partner Lucho Capra made their last tournament together when the pair went out in the quarter-finals of the Master Final in Barcelona.

Sanchez thus leaves Capra for the second time in a year. Last year, the choice fell on Pablo Lima. That partnership didn't last long, and Maxi Sanchez and Lucho Capra were soon back. 

Reliable sources to Padel Alto reveal that Maxi Sanchez´s first choice is Brazilian Lucas Campagnolo, who has announced that he is leaving the temporary partnership with Jon Sanz and wants to return to the forehand position. The second choice is the Spanish talent Mike Yanguas, who has not yet announced who he will play together with in 2023. 

There is currently no deal between the parties. 

Mike Yanguas has been playing with Javi Leal in recent tournaments. But Javi Leal has agreed to play with another player in 2023. That partnership is expected to be announced soon. 

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