World Padel Tour

They won the duel of former partners in a historic match


The "Drives" pairing, Fede Chingotto and Martin Di Nenno, surprisingly reached the final of the WPT Master Final, after beating their former partners, Paquito Navarro and Juan Tello in a three set match.

In one of the strangest matches in the history of the WPT, the “one-tournament" pairing of Martin Di Nenno and Federico Chingotto, managed to beat what until a few tournaments ago were their partners, Paquito Navarro and Juan Tello.

The "Drives" couple started the match overwhelmingly, and with a definitive Chingotto in their new position on the left side of the court, they surprised a disconnected Tello/Navarro couple, taking the set by a convincing 6/1.

Paquito and Tello were lost on court - they even changed positions several times during their serve - and although they managed to take the second set in the tiebreak, they couldn't prevent Chingotto and Di Nenno from taking the match.

The final result was 6/1 6/7 6/4 for Di Nenno and Chingotto, who are determined to make history at the Barcelona WPT Master Final.

Tomorrow, the pair of "Drives" will face Lebron and Galan in the tournament's final.

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