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The Argentine stars' new racket is here — here's what it looks like


The partnership between the iconic duo of Juan Tello and Federico Chingotto is over. After eight seasons together, they have gone their separate ways, but their racket choice remains intact. Here are the stars' new weapons from Bullpadel ahead of 2023.

Juan Tello and Federico Chingotto play with the Bulladel Vertex 03, and the updated orange-glowing version was spotted in Chingotto's hand during Premier Padel's competition in Milan this past weekend.

What's new about the 2023 model is the design - otherwise, Bullpadel is keeping pretty much the same concept in its padel racket, which has become hugely popular worldwide.

”The new 𝗩𝗘𝗥𝗧𝗘𝗫 𝟬𝟯 is a diamond-shaped racket with maximum power. Equipped with "Air React Channel" - which consists of an aerodynamic frame, creating a steady, smooth, and light racket at the same time," writes Bullpadel on their Instagram.

In addition, it incorporates innovative technology like:

▪️ Top Spin
▪️ Xtend Carbon 12K
▪️ Custom Weight
▪️ Vibradrive

Weight and balance can be adjusted by the player using multiple three-gram plugs and/or the Grip Custom Weight, an interchangeable bottom plug with five or ten grams more weight than the standard plug.

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