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After dropping out of the Milan P1 — another couple says goodbye


Gonzalo Rubio and Alex Arroyo have decided to separate. The couple, who started playing together only three months ago, played their last tournament in Milan.

A new duo has said goodbye at what is expected to be a busy end of the year regarding partner changes. The Spanish pair Zalo Rubio and young star Alex Arroyo have ended their sporting relationship.

The decision was made public after the couple participated in the Premier Padel P1 in Milan, where they had to withdraw from the tournament due to physical discomfort suffered by Arroyo. 

"We've won and lost together, learned from each other, and had a spectacular end to the year. This Milano Premier Padel has been my last tournament with Alex", Rubio announced on his Instagram account.

The pair, who started playing together at the end of September, had made a very promising start, winning a title in the first FIP Platinum tournament. But the irregularity in the results did not allow the team to settle down on the court.

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