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Here are the players who are ready for the Master Final


The Mexico Open is finished, the last event of the year on the World Padel Tour, before the final Master final in Barcelona. Here are the 16 players who are ready to play. 

The top sixteen players in the Race of 2022 are qualified for the Master Final in Barcelona. The qualification is based on the individual ranking of the year, which may mean that two players who have not previously played with each other during the season can be paired together.

This will also be the case on the men's side, as Martin Di Nenno and Federico Chingotto are without partners. Their regular partners: Coki Nieto and Javi Garrido, are not among the top sixteen. This probably means that the two forehand players, Chingotto and Di Nenno, will play together in Barcelona.

There are even pairs on the women's side; thus, no one is without a partner. 

Men´s side 


3. Tapia/Gutierrez

5. Coello/Bela 

7. Martin Di Nenno 

8. Paquito Navarro 

9. Franco Stupaczuk 

10. Pablo Lima 

11. Juan Tello 

12. Federico Chingotto 

13. Alex Ruiz 

14. Momo Gonzalez 

15. Maxi Sanchez 

16. Lucho Capra 

Women´s side 

1.Paula Josemaria/Ari Sanchez

3. Alejandra Salazar/Gemma Triay 

5. Marta Ortega/Bea Gonzalez 

7. Virginia Riera 

8. Victoria Iglesias/Aranza Osoro 

10. Patty Llaguno 

11. Lucia Sainz 

12. Marta Marrero 

13. Veronica Virseda/Barbara Las Heras 

15. Mapi Alayeto 

16. Majo Alayeto

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