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APT closes new agreement with players: Six-year contract and major changes

The APT Padel Tour has announced a new agreement with the players. The new contract would be signed for six years, and several of the modifications would start from next season.

The APT circuit management and the players' association have defined the basis of what will be a new contract between the parties.

The agreement - which includes increased prize money and other benefits for players who take part in 100% of the Grand Masters and Masters tournaments, and at least 50% of the Open tournaments - would be signed for three years, with an extension option of three more.

Another important point of the agreement is the freedom of players to participate in other circuits, as long as the above requirements are met.

Those players who do not sign the contract will only be able to take part in 7 tournaments of the calendar and will not get some benefits such as registration fee, food, transport, bonus pool and participation in the Master Final.

Increase in prize money

The circuit currently awards prize money of €90,000 for Open tournaments, €110,000 for Masters and €140,000 for Grand Masters. 

Through the new agreement, for the 2024 season, the prize money will be increased to €130,000 (Open), €158,400 (Masters), €201,600 (Grand Masters) and €100,000 (Master Final). And finally, by 2025, the amounts will increase by 20%: €156,000 (Open), €189,600 (Masters), €241,000 (Grand Masters) and €120,000 (Master Final).

In addition, from next season, APT Padel Tour will contribute a sum of money from each tournament, called "Bonus Pool" which will be distributed among the 12 best players in the ranking (as long as they have signed the collaboration contract).



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