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AO Tennis Club to host the Australian Padel Open


Last year was the first time padel courts were set up next to the Rod Laver final arena during the tennis Australian Open. Now it's clear that padel will return to the area again in 2023 when the finals of the Australian Padel Open are played at the new AO Tennis Club. 

AO Tennis Club will play host to the finals of Australia’s largest Padel tournament, with local, national, and international players competing for more than $20,000 in prize money. This at the same time as the tennis Australian Open. 

In addition to padel courts, Pop Tennis courts will be available in the new area. Pop Tennis, earlier named paddle tennis is a sport common in the US similar to tennis but played on a smaller court, with softer balls, and with different rackets.

Incorporating the AO Tennis Club at AO23 is a wonderful way to celebrate the importance of grassroots participation and serves as a fantastic opportunity to showcase what’s on offer at tennis clubs right across the country.” Tennis Australia’s Chief Tennis Officer Tom Larner says in a press release. 

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