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Video: Here Bela and Sanyo confirm — playing together in 2023


Days ago, the news came that Sanyo Gutierrez and Fernando Belasteguin would get back together for a 2023 version. Now the couple made the news official in a funny video with VeinteDiez.

A week ago, the news arrived that Fernando Belasteguin and Sanyo Gutierrez would join paths again for the second time, after the first attempt in 2021.

The news, which Veintediez reported on its social networks, was confirmed at the time to Padel Alto by sources.

The only thing left was the couple's official announcement. Today it came in a funny video by Isaias Blaiotta, from VeinteDiez, while the players compete in the Buenos Aires Master.

The conversation 

Isaias: We have one question left, Sanyo. What will you do next season? Do you have a partner already?

Sanyo: I have someone who can answer you.

Isaias: Yes?

Belasteguin steps in. 

Belasteguin: What's going on here?

Isaias: Wait, we asked about Sanyo's partner, and you showed up?

Belasteguin: Ah! Were you asking that? ...HERE I AM!  

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