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Top pairings make their debut — here's Wednesday's action in Buenos Aires


After a Tuesday full of action at La Rural, it's time for the last day of the round of 32 at the WPT Buenos Aires Master. The top pairings make their debut and Padel Alto tells you how to watch the matches.

The second round of the round of 32 at the WPT Buenos Aires Master will be played this Wednesday in Argentina.

A day full of matches of an exceptional level, with the debut of the top three couples of the circuit as the main course.

Eight matches will be played today, although only the five matches played on centre court at "La Rural" will be broadcast live on PPV platforms and the WPT Tv App.

These are the matches of the day:

Central Court

12:00h (16:00h CET) – Denis Perino/Sergio Alba vs Fernando Belasteguin/Arturo Coello

P.O.2 – Sanyo Gutierrez/Agustin Tapia vs Rafael Mendez/Alvaro Cepero

15:30h (19:30h CET) – Alejandro Galan/Juan Lebron vs Victor Ruiz/Lucas Bergamini

P.O.4 – Javi Ruiz/Pablo Lijo vs Leo Augsburger/Valentino Libaak

19:00h (23:00h CET) – Juan Tello/Fede Chingotto vs Gonzalo Rubio/Alex Arroyo


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