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Crowned in Sweden – Galan and Lebron secure season's number one in Malmo


Alejandro Galan and Juan Lebron took the final of the WPT Malmo Open against Argentinians Agustin Tapia and Sanyo Gutierrez, to be crowned champions and clinch the number one ranking for the third consecutive year.

In Sweden, Alejandro Galan and Juan Lebron faced Sanyo Gutierrez and Agustin Tapia in the men's final of the last European Open of the World Padel Tour season. 

The match started off better for Sanyo Gutierrez and Agustin Tapia, who played an almost perfect first set. The Argentinians took advantage of a slight distraction from their rivals to take a 6/4 lead.

But the reaction from the number ones came in the second set as a hurricane. Galan and Lebron swept Sanyo and Tapia off the court, who were disconnected, losing six of their serves in a row.

Thus, the Spanish pair managed to turn the score around, to take the match by 4/6 6/1 6/2, to be crowned champions in Sweden.

"In such a physically, emotionally and mentally demanding year, with so much competition, it's a luxury how we've reinvented ourselves tournament by tournament. To stay number one, with so many good couples on the circuit, is a huge merit" said Ale Galan after being crowned champion.

With the points earned after the crowning in Malmo, Galan and Lebron ensured they finished the season as the number one ranked couple. It is the fourth consecutive year for Juan Lebron - he achieved it in 2019 with Paquito Navarro - and third for Alejandro Galan.

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