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Di Nenno on the accident that almost cost his life: ”The first thing I told my parents”


Martin Di Nenno is fifth in the rankings and a recent World Cup gold medallist with Argentina. Now the star speaks out to AS Chile about the accident seven years ago that cost the life of his two friends. 
— I was reborn at the age of 18, says Di Nenno. 

It's been almost seven years since Martin Di Nenno was involved in the car accident, leaving him in intensive care for ten days and losing two close friends. One of them was the talented Argentinian Elias Estrella. 

He now tells AS Chile about the accident and how it affected him. 

— The accident helped me grow in many aspects. It shaped me into what I am today: a more self-sacrificing, hard-working person. I suffered a lot, but at the same time, I am grateful because it was what I had to live through. Everything that came afterward, all that personal and family improvement, was something I could never have imagined. 

He continues: 

— I am enjoying everything I do in my life. 

Earlier, he had told the Argentinean Olé in an interview that doctors told his parents he would never be able to play padel again.

”It was my dream to return.”

Nevertheless, five years later, he stood as the winner of his first World Padel Tour competition when he teamed up with Paquito Navarro to win the Barcelona Master in 2021. 

— The first thing I told my parents after the accident was that I wanted to play again, even though the doctors had said it would not be possible. What do you think today, with the titles and a world championship under your belt?

The recent Argentinean World Cup gold medallist is one of the world's best padel players at his position. He recently decided to end his partnership with Paquito Navarro, and this week he and his new partner Coki Nieto will try to win the World Padel Tour competition in Sweden. 

—  It was my dream to return, but I never thought I would win a World Championship, World Padel Tour, or Premier Padel. Everything that happened to me during these years is a dream, and I enjoy it, he says in the interview. 

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