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After the heavy loss in the World Cup final: ”Couldn't finish it”

The Spanish team of Momo Gonzalez and Alex Ruiz lost the last decisive match of the World Cup final against Argentina. Now Gonzalez speaks out about his feelings after the match and the criticism after the team selection to the Spanish newspaper Marca. 
We were very close, but we couldn't finish it, Momo Gonzalez says.

The score was 1-1 in the World Cup final when the Spanish team of Momo Gonzalez and Alex Ruiz faced the extremely experienced Argentinian team of Fernando Belasteguin and Sanyo Gutierrez. 

It ended with Argentinean World Cup gold after three even sets. Now the Malaga son Momo Gonzalez speaks to Spanish Marca after the final loss. 

— Well, I have thought about it several times. It's a pity because we played a great game, we were very close, but we couldn't finish it, he says. 

Spain was in control through Gonzalez and Ruiz in the first set and won 6-3, and it looked like the World Cup gold would be defended from last year's World Cup in Qatar. 

— I believe everything was defined in two points. In the first set, we had break options that we did not close; in the second set, everything was equalized. Maybe we could not define and have some courage in those essential points. Then there is the experience of Sanyo and Bela, two of the best players in history, who are used to that pressure.

Argentina's coaches, Rodri Ovide and Gaby Reca won the coaching battle against Spain's national captain, Juanjo Gonzalez, in how they set up the team and have received some criticism. 

But Momo Gonzalez defends his coach. 

”Lebron is an emotional leader.”

— I think the strategy was fine, almost identical to the last World Cup. There are times when the rivals are better than you, and if we had won the third set, it would have been said that the strategy was good, he says.

During the break in the third set, Juan Lebron was seen several times down by the bench talking intensely to Momo Gonzalez. 

— Lebron is an emotional leader. Without a doubt, he encourages us all a lot. Apart from being an incredible player, he is a person who helps a lot. I have read a lot of people who said 'how tough Lebron was with Momo. He must have been a burden for him, but it was the opposite because they were not tactical instructions but moral ones, and seeing a teammate who is so high up all the time is contagious.

Now the World Padel Tour, Malmö Padel Open, awaits Momo Gonzalez and Alex Ruiz in Sweden. 

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