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Premier Padel Egypt P1 – day three kicks off in Cairo


Once again, weather conditions forced the suspension of the last games of the round of 32 in Egypt. This Thursday, the remaining matches will be played in the morning, while the round of 16 will begin in the afternoon.

The third day of competition begins at the Egypt Premier Padel. On Wednesday, nine games of the round of 32 were left pending due to the weather conditions, so they have been rescheduled for Thursday morning.

The qualifiers for the next round will be determined in the course of the morning. In the afternoon the pairs who have made it through to the round of 16 will face each other in high-level matches.

Here is the order of play for the day: 

Central Court

10:00h – Maxi Sánchez/Lucho Capra vs Álvaro Cepero/Rafael Méndez (R32)

P.O.2 – Martín Di Nenno/Coki Nieto vs Íñigo Jofre/Emilio Chamero (R32)

P.O.3 – Momo González/Álex Ruiz vs Miki Solbes/Jaime Fermosell (R32)

P.O.4 – Alejandro Galán/Juan Lebrón vs Pincho Fernández/José G. Diestro (R16)

P.O.5 – Fernando Belasteguín/Arturo Coello vs (Javi Ruiz/Pablo Lijó or José Solano/Daniel Windahl) (R16)

P.O.6 – (Franco Stupaczuk/Pablo Lima or Aris Patiniotis/Iván Ramírez) vs (Javi Leal/Javi Rico or Jeremy Scatena/Javier Martínez) (R16)

Court 2

10:00h – Javi Ruiz/Pablo Lijó vs José Solano/Daniel Windahl (R32)

P.O.2 – Franco Stupaczuk/Pablo Lima vs Aris Patiniotis/Iván Ramírez (R32)

P.O.3 – Javi Leal/Javi Rico vs Jeremy Scatena/Javier Martínez (R32)

P.O.4 – Fede Chingotto/Javi Garrido vs Ramiro Moyano/Jon Sanz (R16)

P.O.5 – (Martín Di Nenno/Coki Nieto or Íñigo Jofre/Emilio Chamero) vs (Miguel Lamperti/Mike Yanguas or Luis Pozo/Adrián Marqués) R16)

P.O.6 – (Momo González/Álex Ruiz or Miki Solbes/Jaime Fermosell) vs (Gonzalo Rubio/Álex Arroyo or Diego Gil/Mario Huete) R16)

Court 3

10:00h – Juan Cruz Belluati/Agustín Gómez Silingo vs Javi González/Javi Barahona (R32)

P.O.2 – Miguel Lamperti/Mike Yanguas vs Luis Pozo/Adrián Marqués (R32)

P.O.3 – Gonzalo Rubio/Álex Arroyo vs Diego Gil/Mario Huete (R32)

P.O.4 – Enrique Goenaga/Jairo Bautista vs (Juan Cruz Belluati/Agustín Gómez Silingo or Javi González/Javi Barahona) (R16)

P.O.5 – Víctor Ruiz/Lucas Bergamini vs (Maxi Sánchez/Lucho Capra or Álvaro Cepero/Rafa Méndez) (R16)

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