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The players in the PPA after meeting with WPT: ”Same situation as before”

"A big failure" is how the reception of the World Padel Tour's new proposal to the players is described among the PPA members. In addition, the association's lawyer goes public in an interview with Argentinean Olé. 
— 211 players are integrated into an Association, which World Padel Tour systematically ignores. 

The men's players' association PPA will not analyze the new proposals from the World Padel Tour, which were presented on Tuesday. This has been reported by several media and confirmed by sources to Padel Alto.

The reason is the demands the players' association put on the WPT before the meeting: the lawsuits would be taken back against the players to start discussions. In addition, the players have been addressed individually, not through the PPA. 

The same demands Pablo Lijo went out hard against the WPT and Alex Corretja before the meeting. According to sources to Padel Alto, the effect of the meeting has not been significant, and the situation is exactly the same as before the meeting was held. Which is described as a major failure by the World Padel Tour. 

”They have to take out the demand and call the association, not to call us individually,” says one of the sources to Padel Alto. 

The players who participated in the meeting, with whom Padel Alto has been in contact, have not wanted to comment openly on the issue yet. Only Sanyo Gutierrez, among the top players, attended the men's meeting, while most women's players were present.

The women players have not participated in Premier Padel and are therefore not sued by the World Padel Tour.

”Want to take away their union strength.”

PPA's lawyer Alejandro Villaverde has also spoken out in the Argentinean Olé. 

— To discuss points linked to the future, the lawsuits must be withdrawn. We think it isn't very serious for someone to call you to discuss the future when the same party sues you. 

He continues: 

— That is the first point. And point two: 211 players are integrated into an Association, which World Padel Tour systematically ignores. What they want to do is to take the player individually to take away their union strength.

Padel Alto seeks representatives from the World Padel Tour for comment. 

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