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Former star not selected for the World Cup — to Padel Alto: ”I´m surprised”


He is ranked number seven on the APT tour and has been part of the Italian national team for five years. But when new coach Miguel Sciorilli selected the squad to represent Italy at the World Cup in Dubai, Andres Britos was missing. 
— I´m surprised, says the player when Padel Alto reaches him. 

Andres Britos was a star in the Italian team who won the European Championship silver medal last year in Spain.

But when the new Italian national team coach, the merited coach Miguel Sciorilli, selected this year's squad for the Dubai World Championships, Britos' name did not appear. 

Something that surprised the player himself. 

— I´m surprised by the decision. After five years of playing for the national team, we have achieved historical results, but I think I have to accept it and keep training to be able, in the future, to earn that position again, Britos says to Padel Alto when contacting him. 

Denis Perino (64 at the WPT) is making his debut in the team, like Britos, who has dual citizenship between Argentina and Italy. 

”Through social media.”

How did you find out, and what has Miguel told you? 

— I haven't gotten any explanation and never had a message, email, or call. I found out that I was not part of the national team through a story on Instagram where I saw the list of players.

How disappointed are you with the decision? 

— I am not disappointed. I think I had a very good first half of the year in terms of results and level. Still, I feel sad not to be able to enjoy an event as nice as the World Cup with the rest of my teammates because our relationship was and still is unbeatable.

Andres Britos has decided to leave the World Padel Tour and is now playing full-time on the APT tour, where he won the title in Buenos Aires Masters and Monaco Masters this season. 

Do you think the decision has anything to do with the fact that you play on APT and not WPT? 

— I don't know if it will have to do with playing the APT. I can't give you that answer, you will have to ask the coaches if it could have influenced the decision or not. 

Italy finished fifth in last year's World Cup in Qatar, where Andres Britos was a key player in the squad. 

Padel Alto has been in contact with the Italian coach, who chooses not to comment on the matter. 

Here is the full Italian squad for the World Cup in Dubai. 

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