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WPT Menorca Open – Here are the new couples making their debut today


The second day of the WPT Menorca Open gets underway on Wednesday. The last 32 matches played on centre court will be broadcast live, and we will be able to see the debut of many of the new pairings on tour.

The WPT Menorca Open is underway. The second day of the round of 32 starts today, and through the WPT Tv App we will be able to watch the matches played at the Pavelló Menorca, an indoor stadium with a capacity for more than 3,500 spectators.

Three matches in the women's draw will be broadcast in the morning session. There, we will see the debut of two new top-8 pairings. Lucia Sainz and Tamara Icardo (who will separate after this tournament) will face Nogueira and Martinez in the first shift. In the second round of the morning, Marta Marrero and Delfina Brea will have a tough test against Martinez and Carnicero.

In the afternoon we will be able to see three matches in the men's draw, also with the debut on court of the Di Nenno/Nieto pairing, who will have to face Lijo and Ruiz in the last match of the day.

These will be the matches broadcast on Wednesday 19:

09:30h – Lucia Sainz/Tamara Icardo vs Ana C. Nogueira/Marina Martinez

P.O.2 Morning – Lucia Martinez/Esther Carnicero vs Marta Marrero/Delfina Brea

P.O.3 Morning – Marina Guinart/Noa Canovas vs Victoria Iglesias/Aranza Osoro

15:30h – Agustin G. Silingo/Juan Belluati vs Momo Gonzalez/Alex Ruiz

P.O.2 Afternoon – Maxi Sanchez/Lucho Capra vs Gonzalo Rubio/Alex Arroyo

P.O.3 Afternoon – Martin Di Nenno/Coki Nieto vs Pablo Lijo/Javi Ruiz

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