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After unsuccessful start: losing important points in Race of 2022


Javi Garrido and Miguel Lamperti did not get the start they had hoped for together. The team lost in big numbers to Ramiro Moyano and Francisco Gil in Menorca Open. 

The final score was 6-4, 6-1 to Gil and Moyano in the Round of 64 of the Menorca Open. 

Many wondered before the match who in the temporary new pair would play forehand, as both Miguel Lamperti and Javi Garrido are synonymous with the backhand position. The answer is that Lamperti defended on the forehand side, and on his own serve, the pair switched sides. 

Javi Garrido and Miguel Lamperti will play together until the Buenos Aires Masters, after which Garrido will play with Federico Chingotto, and Lamperti will pair up with Mike Yanguas. 

Despite being a temporary partnership, Javi Garrido is losing important points in the Race of 2022, where the top 16 players go to the Master Final in Barcelona. Garrido is now tied for 17th place with his former partner Lucas Campagnolo. 

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