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Star not selected — and he debuts in the Italian World Cup squad


Italy already has its representatives to dispute the next World Cup in Dubai. Coaches Miguel Sciorilli and Marcela Ferrari have announced the players that will be part of the Italian national team, with some novelties.

Little by little, the members of the national padel teams that will represent their countries at the next World Championships in Dubai on 31 October are being confirmed.

With coaches Marcela Ferrari and Miguel Sciorilli, Italy has given the final list of players who will make up the national team, with several new additions to the men's and women's squads.

Men's team

Argentine Miguel Sciorilli, the new coach of the Italian men's national team, presented the list of players chosen to try to repeat the good performance of the last World Cup, where the Italians achieved a fifth place. Five players will repeat the call-up, while Cazzeta, Graziotti, and the Argentine-Italian Perino will complete the team. One of the most important novelties is the absence of Andres Britos, after more than five consecutive years as one of the stars of the Italian team.

These are the players of the men's team (FIP ranking):

  • Denis Perino (48)
  • Simone Cremona (114)
  • Marco Cassetta (115)
  • Daniele Cattaneo (122)
  • Riccardo Sinicropi (125)
  • Lorenzo Di Giovanni (149)
  • Marcelo Capitani (156)
  • Julio Graziotti (357)

Coach: Miguel Sciorilli

Women's team

The Italian women's team, led by Marcela Ferrari, will try to repeat the historic third place achieved in Qatar. To do so, they have called up six of last year's team members, joining former tennis player Roberta Vinci and Carolina Petrelli as new additions.

This is the women's team (WPT Ranking):

  • Giulia Sussarello (39)
  • Carolina Orsi (49)
  • Chiara Pappacena (64)
  • Roberta Vinci (66)
  • Emily Stellato (68)
  • Carolina Petrelli (69)
  • Giorgia Marchetti (82)
  • Valentina Tommasi (102)

Coach: Marcela Ferrari

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