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The national captain: ”Bela can handle the pressure better”


After the announcement of the list of players of the Argentine national team for the Dubai World Cup, the absence of Lucho Capra was one of the most resounding. In an interview with Padel Alto, one of the coaches of the Argentine team, Rodri Ovide, tells us why the right-side player was left out of the call-up.
— Bela can handle it better, he says. 

A few days ago, the coaches of the Argentine national team announced the list of players called up to participate in the next World Cup in Dubai. One of the most notable absences from the squad was the player Lucho Capra.

Capra himself commented in an interview with Padel Alto that he hadn't had the chance to talk to the coaches about their decision and had found out about it from his teammate Maxi Sanchez.

Rodri Ovide, one of the coaches of the Argentinean team, now tells Padel Alto the reasons. 

— We wanted to talk to Lucho before the news came out, but we had to submit the list sooner for logistical reasons. 

And continues.

— Lucho was playing the next morning, and we didn't think it was appropriate to tell him when he was about to play an important match. The next day he found out from Maxi, and we didn't have time to let him know.

According to Ovide, after the tournament in Amsterdam, he contacted Capra to explain why he was absent.

— When the tournament was over, I called him. There I gave him the reasons why we chose Maxi and not him, and he understood. I told him to keep it up because he is playing very well.

No left-handed player in the squad

The two national captains, Rodri Ovide and Gabi Reca, have called up five backhand players and only three players who normally play on the forehand side - Sanyo Gutierrez, Martin Di Nenno, and Federico Chingotto. The squad is missing a left-hander. Something that Lucho Capra would have filled.

For the coaches, Fernando Belasteguin can fill the role as a drive player in case they need an extra player on the right side of the court. The "Boss" has the necessary experience to withstand the pressure of playing decisive moments in a World Cup.

— We believe that if we need an extra player on the right side, Bela can fill the role and play for the national team. Most players struggle with the pressure of playing in a team, and we think Bela can handle it better.

After finishing as runner-up in the previous edition, the Argentinian team is once again one of the favorites together with Spain to win the World Cup, which will be held in Dubai from 31 October to 5 November.

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