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After the split with Arroyo: This is Juan Martin Diaz's new partner


The former world number one, Juan Martin Diaz, will debut with a new partner at the next WPT Santander Open. The Argentine will play with Miguel Benitez, ex-partner of Gonzalo Rubio.

After the separation of Alex Arroyo (following the Amsterdam Open round of 32 loss to Windhal and Solano.), the incombustible Juan Martin Diaz (46) will present a new partner for the Santander Open. Argentinean legend will join forces with the young Spaniard Miguel Benitez, former partner of Gonzalo Rubio. The duo will start the tournament as the 23rd seeded pair.

His now former partner, Alex Arroyo, will team up with Rubio - with whom he has already shared tournaments on the Premier Padel circuit - thus completing an exchange of couples. The pair will occupy the 19th position of the WPT ranking.

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