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Bela's words in the third set turned the match around: ”Was very tense”

Fernando Belasteguin and Arturo Coello had the lead for a long time, then they fell behind. Ultimately, they emerged victorious in the semi-finals against Federico Chingotto and Juan Tello in a thrilling match. 
— I was very tense, said Coello after the match. 

It was at 1-3 down in the third set; Arturo Coello lost his temper, hit himself with the racket, and screamed after an easy miss. Then the team's obvious captain, Fernando Belasteguin, stepped in and said a few well-chosen words to the young talent. Arturo Coello nodded, and then he had exactly the same confidence as in the first set again.

— When the match got complicated in the third set, I was very tense because I really wanted to be in another final. Tomorrow I will try my best, Coello said after the match. 

Indeed, the first set looked very easy for Coello and Bela. 6-1 ended the set after many mistakes from Federico Chingotto and Juan Tello.

But the match was not over there. Chingotto and Tello found their way back and had the upper hand in the match for a long time. 6-3 was the second set, and in the third set, they had an advantage. But as is often the case when it comes to Tello and Chingotto, the pair have a hard time closing out matches and deciding. 

”35 tournaments without an injury.”

Belasteguin and Coello took advantage and won the third set 7-5. A satisfied Belasteguin told the crowd after the match: 

— We are performing better and better as a couple, and personally, I've played 35 consecutive tournaments since last year's injury. It's been many years since I've played so many tournaments without injury. Throughout my career, I've always been able to bring out my best version by playing a lot of tournaments in a row, so I'm very happy. Every day that I go on the court, I enjoy it as if it were my last because injuries come without warning. 

He continued: 

— With Arturo, I'm having a great time, so I hope my physique keeps responding

Tomorrow they will face the couple of Alex Ruiz and Momo Gonzalez in the final of Madrid Master. 

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