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”Exhibitors and visitors from all over the world”

In the middle of the crowd on Padel Expo's second day, the Expo Director Anton Erlandsson is seen wandering around to make sure everything is running smoothly. A satisfied Erlandsson talks with PadelDirekt about how the exhibition is going when half of it is over.

During the first two days of the Padel Expo in Sweden, the crowd has been steady, and the interest in all the exhibitors and the court program has been great.

— It actually feels very good. Yesterday we had a very successful day, and today there have been a lot of general visitors. After lunch, the visitor flow has also been bigger, says Erlandsson.

How have exhibitors experienced the exhibition so far?
— The impression has been great. We have a lot of international exhibitors as well, and they have been very impressed, and a common comment has been that they think it's big.

Erlandsson continues:

— There are actually as many as 37 foreign exhibitors who have come to Sweden and are on site. On top of that, there are also visitors from all over the world here. I've run into people from Turkey, the US, Dubai, and all over the Nordic countries. Both individuals and people representing companies.

”Trying a racket is the biggest success”

Several test courts are set up at the exhibition, and Erlandsson says the activities have been popular.

— Yesterday famous football and hockey players met each other and today we had a celebrity tournament among other things. These have been crowd pullers. Even as we speak, Dani Dios is holding a lesson on the court next to us. And the stands have been packed for two hours.

In addition to the regular program items, individuals have also been able to borrow rackets from exhibitors to test on the demo courts.

— This has perhaps been the biggest success of all, says Erlandsson.

Is there anything about the exhibition that hasn't gone according to plan?
— The exhibition was planned before the pandemic, and the postponement has meant that visitor numbers have fallen. Then there's also the small problem of a clash with the World Padel Tour in the Avicii Arena. It's out of our hands, but attendance has still been good. There have been thousands of people here. We also see that many people visited both the fair and the WPT event.

Erlandsson also points out that the exhitbiton has been visited by many international media who wanted to review the event. He says they didn't think it would be this big.

 — I have met media from Spain, Italy, and Turkey, among others.

Tomorrow, Sunday is the last day of the exhibition, and the finals of the sanctioned tournaments for P and F16 and men and women will be played.

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