World Padel Championship

Here is the Great Britain squad for the World Cup qualifier on home soil

The European qualifiers for the World Padel Championship begin at the end of September. The venue is Derby in Great Britain, and now the home nation's team has been selected. 

Between 29 September and 2 October, the three nations on the men's side and two on the women's side will be determined for the World Padel Championship in Qatar later this year.

The venue for the qualifiers will be We Are Padel (WAP) in Derby, Great Britain. 

A total of 18 nations are participating on the men's side. Big favorites to grab two of the three places at the World Padel Championships are Portugal and Sweden, despite Portugal being unseeded and Sweden being seeded fifth.

This is because Portugal previously sided with FEPA in the conflict with FIP and did not participate in the Championships organized by the International Federation (FIP). And Sweden, who because of Covid 19, did not want to participate in the last World Championship, which also took place in Qatar. 

This means that the two big nations could face each other already in the group where one team advances. 

15 nations compete for two places in the World Championships on the women's side. Here too, Portugal is unseeded and a big favorite to make it. Behind them, Sweden has a good chance of progressing, going into the qualifiers as the third seed behind Denmark and Great Britain. 

Here are Great Britain's teams for the qualifiers 

Men´s squad

  • Christian Medina Murphy
  • Richard Brooks
  • Louie Harris
  • Sam Jones
  • Sandy Farquharson,
  • Nikhil Mohindra
  • Chris Salisbury
  • Ryan Wyatt

Women´s squad

  • Tia Norton
  • Hannah Ruddick
  • Olivia Smith
  • Claire Smith
  • Abigail Tordoff
  • Lisa Phillips
  • Libby Fletcher
  • Catherine Rose.


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