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Yanguas tribute to the star: ”He is the best — I hope someday I'll be like him”


Miguel "Mike" Yanguas is one of the biggest talents in the padel world. In an interview with Argentinean Olé, he talks about his future and chances of a place in the upcoming World Cup, his injury problems, and who he thinks is the best padel player in the world. 
— I hope someday I'll be like him, he says. 

Mike Yanguas and Coki Nieto have had a season of giving and take. A semi-final finish in the Reus Open and a title win in the last Challenger tournament in Aragon have mixed with a couple of first-round exits. 

— It's simple: when we focus on ourselves and play our game, we can beat anyone. If we start the tournament well, we are very dangerous. Maybe the 'bad' thing is that we have been a bit irregular, but we have not lost the kind of matches we should not have lost, Yanguas says to Olé. 

September will be an important month for the couple. After a short break and a win in the Aragon Challenger, the pair are ready to fight the best again. 

— I tell you this: in September, you will see an improved version of Yanguas - Coki. I see us better than ever, our game is changing, and we are maturing a lot.

Although Yanguas made a big breakthrough last season, it feels like the 19-year-old has been on the biggest scene for a long time. In Padel Alto's ranking of the biggest talents at the moment, he comes second behind Arturo Coello. 

— I've had good results, but I don't know if I'm still a reality. If you look at the ranking, I'm number 18 in the world, and we are partner number nine. I think I still have a long way to go if I want to earn respect in the circuit. That's how I see it. 

”He is something out of the ordinary.”

The world's elite is tied between mainly three pairs right now as to who should claim the title of best in the world: the current world number one, Juan Lebron, and Alejandro Galan. But also the contenders in Agustin Tapia/Sanyo Gutierrez and Paquito Navarro/Martin Di Nenno who finished strong last year.

For Mike Yanguas, one of the players is the best. 

— If we take away the era of Belasteguín and Juan Martín Díaz, which is something that will never be repeated. Juan Lebrón is something out of the ordinary. He is a genius. He does genius things. He is an extraterrestrial. He does things I have never seen in my life. Without a doubt, he is the best. He arrives at eight in the morning to train, and he's at his best while I come a little more tired, and I say: ”I hope someday I'll be like him.” Because he always tries his best and has analytical things that surprise you. Ale Galán is a very good player, but Lebrón has no comparison.

He continues: 

— Lebron is the best player in the world on both sides of the court. If he is confident, no one comes close to him.

Miguel "Mike" Yanguas has won gold medals with the Spanish national youth team. In November, the Seniors World Cup will be played in Qatar, and the chances of playing for the reigning champions with Juan Lebron on the team are not impossible. 

— That will depend a lot on the results and the ranking I arrive at that moment. Maybe I'll be in a better position than last year, but I still have a long way to go. I have to keep improving my level and increase my chances of going. The Spanish national team is very strong no matter who goes: my goal is to be there, and I'm very excited. But if I'm not called, I'll be just as happy and support as a fan.

After withdrawing from the Madrid P1 of Premier Padel, the forehand player decided to take a break from the Mendoza P1 to consult with the specialist Guillermo Recatero.

During the break, he underwent regenerative medicine treatment to replace lost cartilage tissue, reduce inflammation and, most importantly, reduce pain.

— What I have done is stem cell therapy. In the Madrid P1 of Premier Padel against Belasteguín and Coello, I had strong pain in the patellar area, but the treatment gave me good results. They even extracted these cells from my ear, coagulated them, and injected them into my knee. And I am perfect. I have seen it in the last Challenger, where I could finish off like never before and feel full. I am very happy with the physical change from the last tournament in Madrid to these days.

— I had been dragging it for a long time. I would say a year and a bit. I felt the evolution in the training sessions, but in this tournament, I confirmed it: I am without pain and worries. 

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