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Spanish brand signs Qatar national team player — releases new exclusive racket

Spanish padel brand Starvie signs with Qatar's national player and owner of the country's largest padel franchise, Mohammed Saadon Al-Kuwari. 

Mohammed Saadon Al-Kuwari and Khalid Saadon Al-Kuwari opened the largest padel franchise in the Middle East. The club Padel In now has four venues in Qatar, one in Kuwait and one in Saudi Arabia. 

Starvie and Padel ln have been working together for three years. Now the brand chooses to sign with national team player Mohammed. 

”We are convinced that this incorporation will be a great step to consolidate the Starvie brand in the Gulf countries, “says the Starvie Corporate Director, Edgar Dorado, in a press release. 

Mohammed Saadon Al-Kuwari: 

”After winning the padel gold medal for Qatar at the last Gulf Olympics and after qualifying for the World Cup with Qatar last year, I feel more responsibility to develop the sport in the region and set a good example for the young generation of athletes. With more than 20 years of experience in padel, I am really confident that StarVie will play a big role in this vision”. 

In the press release, Starvie also reveals that they will be releasing a new exclusive racket in collaboration with the player shortly. 

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